New Website

2010-05-28 15:03:47 by galabadass

I'm starting to manage my own personal website/blog. I'm going to use it post my newly created content and manage already existing content. If you like my submissions then you should it out from time to time for new stuff.

You can check it out here

Home again for the weekend

2010-02-13 02:58:33 by galabadass

I'm home again for the weekend. I'm hoping to get a song or two done while I'm here. The college is going good so far. Hopefully all goes well, and I might even be going to Sweden this summer for an internship.

Merry Christmas!!

2008-12-23 21:16:56 by galabadass

Hey guys, I've been working on setting up my new studio. I purchased some new KBK monitors, along with some mics and a new recorindg interface. I just set up the interface today, unfortunately I'm having some problems with humming at samples rates of 88.2Khz and above. I don't know what the deal is with that, I'm trying to get it resolved, hopefully without sending it in for repairs/replacement.

Well anyways, I hope everyone has a merry christmas!!

P.S: Get KRUNK!!!